The First Miracle

The First Miracle

Scripture Reference: John 2:1-12 New International Version (NIV)

Jesus Changes Water into Wine

2 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there,2 and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. 3 When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

4 “Woman, [a] why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

6 Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons. [b]

7 Jesus said to the servants “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

8 Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”

They did so, 9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside 10 and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have but you have saved the best till now.”

11 What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.

12 After this he went down to Capernaum with his mother and brothers and his disciples. There they stayed for a few days.


a. John 2:4 The Greek for Woman does not denote any disrespect.

b. John 2:6 Or from about 75 to about 115 liters

The First Miracle (John 2: 1-12)

1. God works with man to perform the miracle. When men do their part, God does his part. God’s part proceeds after men have done their part. In performing the miracle or any other sign or wonder, God does not need mens help. But God works a certain way based upon His principles and protocols. We know that God does not change, His word does not change, and His ways do not change. The Bible says Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Praise God for his awesome and wonderful ways. In this example we see that Jesus instructed the servants to fill the jars with water. If the servants refused to obey his instructions, in other words work together with him or cooperate with Him, the miracle would have never manifested. 

2. When God tells or instructs you to do something, do it without question or doubt. Argument and doubt will disrupt the miracle process. It will only make sense to conclude that Gods ways or methods seem really foolish most of the time but it works. Human logic can by no means make sense of how God operates or functions. This is the reason the God of the Bible has so much critics. Let us look at some examples. In the desert when God got angry at the Israelites, he sends snakes to bite them. After Moses pleaded with God, He told him to make a bronze snake and tell the people to look at it and they will be healed. Many people were expecting that Moses will most probably provide an antidote or some kind of medicine so they complained and murmured. As a result many of them died because they did not believe in Gods healing method. Sad but true. Even today people doubt and complain. Everything is a repetition from the past. King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. Think about this: Jesus is telling the servant to draw some of the water and give it to the banquet master. The servants know 100% that it was water but obedience to Gods word is what changed the water to wine as they handed the glass of water into the hands of the banquet master.

3. God always gives his best and expects His children to do the same. In this example we see one of the most amazing things about Gods nature. When the banquet master tasted the new wine, he was over warmed and praised the bridegroom. He literally said that you had served good wine and now you are serving the best. He was glad to be in that wedding. My friends, you see God only likes to give His best. We as His true children should have the same attitude and attribute. When you give to God or for His work or to people, give your very best. This is only proper and honorable for any of His children.


The method or protocol that Jesus used to perform the first miracle is the same all over the Gospels. God is so amazing. Once we begin to learn his ways, his principles and protocols, we start the process of getting finely tuned with Him making everyday a miracle.