Meditation Declarations

  1. I will meditate on the Lord’s precepts and contemplate his ways (Ps 119:15).
  2. My eyes are awake during the night watches that I may meditate on the Lord’s Word (Ps 119:148).
  3. I love the law of the Lord; it is my mediation all the day (Ps 119:97).
  4. The law of Lord is my delight and in his law I meditate day and night (Ps 1:2).
  5. I will remember the days of old and meditate on all the Lord’s works. I will muse on the work of your hands (Ps 143:5).
  6. I will life my hands up to the Lord’s commandments, which I love and will meditate on his statues (Ps 119:48).
  7. I will meditate on the book of the law day and night (Josh 1:8).