Prayers for a Blessed Life

  1. Lord, let me be satisfied with favor and filled with your blessing (Deut 33:23).
  2. I am the seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ and I receive the blessing of Abraham. Lord, in blessing, bless me and in multiplying me, multiply me as the stars of heaven and as the sand of the shore.
  3. Lord, let your showers of blessing be upon my Life (Ezek 34.26).
  4. Lord, turn every curse sent my way into a blessing (Neh 13:2).
  5. I am chosen by God and I am blessed (Ps 65:4).
  6. Lord bless me and cause your face to shine upon me, that your way may be known upon the earth and you’re saving health among all nations. Let my land yield increase and let ends of the earth fear you (Ps 67).
  7. Lord, I know you favor me because my enemies do not triumph over me (Ps 41:11).